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Welcome to 10 TON MEDIA. I am a creatively infused individual who can tailor my skills and design to fit small to large market companies. As a creative professional, I will strive to further your business in design, creative marketing and brand development.


As the graphic design face of 10 Ton Media, I specialize in providing graphic and web design solutions. These solutions are tailor made to communicate a company’s message in a manner that is honest, cost effective and of the highest quality. The products I develop command consumer attention, increases brand awareness and can maximize company sales.


Trying to obtain the correct percentage of your market share involves creative marketing. Specializing in start-up companies, I will take you through the process step by step – market research, strategy development, creation of strategic campaigns and execution of a comprehensive and successful marketing plan. The result of this work produces a consistent communication package that reflects company branding, ethics, strengths and uniqueness.


Whether a company’s product or service is new, recently reformulated, of a full visual makeover, I can provide the expertise and complete the execution required to give a competitive advantage to a company’s brand.