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Welcome to 10 TON MEDIA. I am a creatively infused individual who can tailor my skills and design to fit small to large market companies. As a creative professional, I will strive to further your business in design, creative marketing and brand development.


As the graphic design face of 10 Ton Media, I specialize in providing graphic and web design solutions. These solutions are tailor made to communicate a company’s message in a manner that is honest, cost effective and of the highest quality. The products I develop command consumer attention, increases brand awareness and can maximize company sales.


Trying to obtain the correct percentage of your market share involves creative marketing. Specializing in start-up companies, I will take you through the process step by step – market research, strategy development, creation of strategic campaigns and execution of a comprehensive and successful marketing plan. The result of this work produces a consistent communication package that reflects company branding, ethics, strengths and uniqueness.


Whether a company’s product or service is new, recently reformulated, of a full visual makeover, I can provide the expertise and complete the execution required to give a competitive advantage to a company’s brand.


10 TON MEDIA | The Company


This is no ordinary company. 10 Ton Media doesn’t simply take your ideas and pump out the same design as your competition. It doesn’t produce the same old marketing material that was templated long ago. It doesn’t put you in the box and say you are outside of it, and it certainly is not filled with drones masquerading as creative.


10 Ton Media is an innovation within the creative world. It is backed by more than a passion for design and technology. It stems from the mind of a child who saw the world as his dream to colour on. It stems from the values of his father who taught him that working hard is not enough if you don’t love what you do. It stems from the experience and knowledge that creativity is more than a word – it is a full blown euphoric experience.


10 Ton Media prides itself on knowing that it stands upon a pillar of heavy words – integrity, ingenuity, quality and consistency. This company thrives on solving the creative challenges you are facing. It can provide you with a 360 solution in design, brand development, and marketing by utilizing the brilliance of fresh minds and a network of skilled professionals. 10 Ton media is your sensational idea.




Years of work experience command attention in any autobiography – yes, I have over a decade in the graphic arts industry and rose to the top, enjoyed product development, branded companies, and marketed the ideas of many individuals and corporations. My professional versatility is uncommon as I have worked on a great many projects spanning from vehicle wraps, websites including their architecture, developed my own business, branded start-up companies, and created marketing material from the health industry to video games.


But does it really matter if you don’t have a personality?


So who am I really and why did I create 10 Ton Media? Simply, why not create a company that is built upon the foundation I choose to live my life and raise a family? It’s such a simple idea but a perfect one! I’m down to earth, compassionate, knowledgeable, and fundamentally creative – right to the core. I enjoy a good days work at the office and love feeling productive when I see the client’s face light up at the sight of my latest project. In fact, I’m hoping my next client is you.


  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Photography
  • Logos & Corporate Branding
  • Catalogs & Brochures
  • Promotional Materials
  • Packaging
  • SEO
  • Advertising
  • Copy Writing
  • Digital Signage
  • Product Development
  • Brand Development
  • New To Market Strategies
  • Display Design
  • Product Display Renderings
  • Sell Sheet Creation
  • Business Cards
  • Creative Services

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